Superwinch 1120210 LT2000 ATV 12 VDC Winch

Superwinch 1120210 LT2000 ATV 12 VDC Winch

Superwinch 1120210 LT2000 ATV 12 VDC Winch

Superwinch 1120210 LT2000 ATV 12 VDC Winch


The Superwinch ATV LT2000 Series Winch is a powerful and versatile tool for powering loads in and out. With a working load limit of 2000 lb/907 kg, it is perfect for various applications. Whether you need to pull heavy objects or navigate through challenging terrains, this winch has got you covered.

Main Features

Differential Planetary Gear System

The winch is equipped with a differential planetary gear system that ensures smooth and efficient operation. It allows you to control the load with precision and ease.

Full Metal Planetary Gear Train

The full metal planetary gear train provides strong and reliable performance. It operates quietly, ensuring a pleasant user experience.

Dynamic Braking

With dynamic braking, the winch can quickly stop the load from moving, enhancing safety and control during operation.

Built-in Circuit Breaker Protection

The winch is equipped with built-in circuit breaker protection, which safeguards the motor and electrical components from damage caused by overload or short circuits.

Low-Amp Draw System

The low-amp draw system ensures efficient power usage, allowing you to operate the winch for longer periods without draining your vehicle’s battery.

Additional Accessories

Handlebar Mounted Rocker Switch

The winch comes with a handlebar mounted rocker switch for convenient and easy operation. You can control the winch without having to leave your seat.

Heavy-Duty Latched Hook with Rope Thimble

The winch is equipped with a heavy-duty latched hook with a rope thimble, ensuring secure and reliable attachment to your load.

Pull-and-Turn Freespooling Clutch

The pull-and-turn freespooling clutch allows you to manually release the winch rope, making it easier to pull out the desired length before engaging the winching operation.

Bonus Pulley Block and D Shackle

As a bonus, the winch includes a pulley block and a D shackle. These accessories expand the winch’s capabilities and provide additional options for various applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum load capacity of the Superwinch LT2000 ATV Winch?

The Superwinch LT2000 ATV Winch has a maximum load capacity of 2000 lb/907 kg.

2. Can the winch be permanently mounted or used as a portable winch?

Yes, the winch can be permanently mounted or used as a portable winch with optional quick-connect wiring and mounting kits.

3. Does the winch come with a warranty?

Yes, Superwinch backs this winch with a one-year limited warranty.

In conclusion, the Superwinch 1120210 LT2000 ATV 12 VDC Winch is a reliable and powerful tool for various applications. With its impressive load capacity, durable construction, and convenient features, it is a must-have for ATV enthusiasts and professionals alike. Get yours today and experience the difference!