RCR Opera – 7 Piece Sherry Set (Decanter + 6 Glasses) Boxed

RCR Opera – 7 Piece Sherry Set (Decanter + 6 Glasses) Boxed

RCR Opera – 7 Piece Sherry Set (Decanter + 6 Glasses) Boxed

RCR Opera – 7 Piece Sherry Set (Decanter + 6 Glasses) Boxed

Impress your Guests with this Stunning Crystal Glass Drinkware Set that will Add Sophistication to any Dinner Party Table. This Vintage-Style, 7-Piece Set Includes a Large, Curved Sherry Decanter and 6 Stemmed Sherry Glasses with a Traditional Cut Pattern. Matching Items such as Wine Glasses, Highball Glasses and Whisky Tumblers are also Available. All Items in the Opera Maison Collection are Crafted from High-Quality LUXION Crystal Glass by the Famous Italian Manufacturer; Royal Crystal Rock (RCR), that is Durable, Resistant to Breakages and Dishwasher Safe.

Product Details


  • Decanter = 90cl (30.5 Flu oz) Capacity, 26.3cm (10录”) Height
  • Glasses = 12cl (4 Flu oz) Capacity, 6.4cm (2陆鈥? Diameter 脴 and 15.4cm (6鈥? Height


  • 7-Piece Sherry Decanter and Glasses Set, Perfect for Parties and Special Occasions
  • Crafted from High-Quality, LUXION Crystal Glass by Royal Crystal Rock (RCR)
  • Resistant to Breakage and 100% Dishwasher Safe
  • In Stock and Available for Immediate Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the decanter lead-free?

Yes, the decanter is made from LUXION Crystal Glass, which is lead-free.

2. Can I use these glasses for other types of drinks?

While these glasses are specifically designed for sherry, they can also be used for other types of drinks such as port or liqueurs.

3. Are these glasses fragile?

No, these glasses are made from durable LUXION Crystal Glass and are resistant to breakages.


Elevate your dinner parties and special occasions with the RCR Opera 7-Piece Sherry Set. This stunning crystal glass drinkware set will impress your guests and add sophistication to any table. Crafted from high-quality LUXION Crystal Glass by Royal Crystal Rock, these glasses are not only beautiful but also durable and dishwasher safe. Order now and enjoy immediate shipping!