Product Description: Cole-Parmer Electrical Tape

Product Description: Cole-Parmer Electrical Tape

Product Description: Cole-Parmer Electrical Tape

Are you in need of a reliable electrical tape for your projects? Look no further than the Cole-Parmer Electrical Tape. This high-quality tape is designed to provide excellent electrical insulation and protection, making it an essential tool for any electrician or DIY enthusiast.

Key Features

Durable and Reliable

The Cole-Parmer Electrical Tape is made from premium materials, ensuring its durability and reliability. With a thickness of 8 mil, this tape offers excellent insulation and can withstand various environmental conditions.

Convenient Size

Measuring 3/4″ x 66′, this electrical tape is the perfect size for most applications. Whether you need to insulate wires, repair cables, or mark equipment, this tape provides ample length for your needs.

Black Color

The black color of this tape not only gives it a sleek and professional look but also provides excellent visibility. It is easy to spot and identify, making it ideal for labeling and organizing electrical components.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this tape be used outdoors?

Yes, the Cole-Parmer Electrical Tape is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its durable construction allows it to withstand various weather conditions.

2. Is this tape easy to tear?

Absolutely! This electrical tape is designed to be easily torn by hand, making it convenient to use without the need for additional tools.

3. Can I use this tape for high-voltage applications?

While the Cole-Parmer Electrical Tape provides excellent insulation, it is recommended to check the specific voltage rating of the tape before using it for high-voltage applications.


The Cole-Parmer Electrical Tape is a must-have for anyone working with electrical systems. Its durability, convenient size, and black color make it a versatile tool for various applications. Whether you are a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast, this tape will provide the insulation and protection you need. Get your Cole-Parmer Electrical Tape today and experience its exceptional quality!