Product Description – Brady 7295-4

Product Description – Brady 7295-4

Product Description – Brady 7295-4

Brady 7295-4: The Ultimate Vinyl Pipe Marker

Are you in need of a reliable and durable pipe marker for your industrial facility? Look no further than the Brady 7295-4. This 7″ width x 1-1/8″ height vinyl pipe marker is designed to meet all your labeling needs. With its high-performance vinyl material and self-sticking adhesive, it ensures long-lasting visibility and easy installation.

Features and Benefits

1. High Performance Vinyl

The Brady 7295-4 is made from B-946 high-performance vinyl, which guarantees excellent durability and resistance to harsh environments. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, chemicals, or UV exposure, this pipe marker will remain intact and legible.

2. Bold Black on Yellow Design

The black on yellow color scheme of the Brady 7295-4 ensures maximum visibility, even from a distance. This high-contrast combination allows for quick identification of vent pipes, enhancing safety and efficiency in your facility.

3. Self-Sticking Adhesive

Gone are the days of struggling with messy glues or tapes. The Brady 7295-4 features a self-sticking adhesive backing that simplifies the installation process. Just peel off the backing and apply the marker directly to the pipe surface. It’s that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Brady 7295-4 withstand outdoor conditions?

A: Absolutely! The B-946 high-performance vinyl material used in this pipe marker is designed to withstand outdoor elements, including UV exposure and extreme temperatures.

Q: How long will the adhesive last?

A: The self-sticking adhesive of the Brady 7295-4 is engineered for long-lasting performance. It adheres strongly to the pipe surface, ensuring that the marker stays in place for an extended period of time.

Q: Is the legend ‘Vent’ customizable?

A: Yes, the Brady 7295-4 allows for customization. If you require a different legend or additional information on the marker, you can easily create a personalized version to suit your specific needs.


When it comes to pipe marking, the Brady 7295-4 is the ultimate choice. Its high-performance vinyl material, bold black on yellow design, and self-sticking adhesive make it a reliable and convenient solution for any industrial facility. Don’t compromise on safety and efficiency – choose the Brady 7295-4 for all your pipe marking needs.