Opti-Firm Renewal Complex

Opti-Firm Renewal Complex

Opti-Firm Renewal Complex

Opti-Firm Renewal Complex

A night cream that shows results! Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles and dark spots. Restores essential moisture and leaves skin radiant, refreshed and younger looking. Skin appears more firm and healthy revealing your true beauty. Every skin type can see and feel softer and smoother skin with this lightweight moisturizing face cream for both men and women. Great for even blemish prone skin types; helps prevent conditions that may cause breakouts. Experience professional Spa results at home!

About Opti-Firm Renewal Complex

In the aging process, our skin becomes less elastic and more vulnerable to sun damage, fine lines and sagging. Rich in nutrients from all natural, vegan ingredients including Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Aloe, and Cucumber Fruit Acid plus Active Retinol, this restorative night cream keeps moisture in check while rejuvenating skin. Utilizing the power of Retinol which is known to preserve skin elasticity for ageless looking skin, Opti Firm Renewal Complex is a time-tested professional-grade formula. A power-packed combination of Retinol and Salicylic Acid exfoliates dead skin cells to help remove dry, dull, ashy looking skin while evening out the look of dark spots and discolorations. Apply the cream at night and let it work its magic while you sleep! You can enjoy knowing that no chemicals or artificial fragrances are added. Just a light pleasant aroma based on natural botanicals. Developed by world renown licensed esthetician, Lydia Sarfati as featured in Vogue Magazine. Her professional products are used at the best spas and salons globally. Made in the USA at our Family Owned and Operated manufacturing facility. We do NOT use contact manufacturers. Our formulas are all exclusive to Repechage. You will not find anything like it on the market. Safe and effective. We never use parabens, synthetic fragrances nor harmful chemicals. We do not test on animals.

Key Features:

  • ACTIVE RETINOL – The Gold Standard in antiaging skincare – known to slow the signs of skin aging with Vitamin A. Smoothes the look of fine lines and wrinkles and evens out skin tone.
  • GET BACK YOUR BABY COMPLEXION – Revitalizes skin while replenishing moisture with Hyaluronic Acid for a younger, more youthful appearance that never looks dry or irritated.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Loaded with all natural botanicals Marine Biopeptide, Wild Chamomile and Gotu Kola that provide nourishing skin benefits for a healthy complexion that glows.
  • EFFECTIVE YET GENTLE – Reported by customers to be gentle to even delicate and sensitive skin types. No harmful chemicals, fragrances or colors added. Vegan friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is this cream suitable for all skin types?
  2. Yes, this cream is suitable for all skin types, including blemish prone skin.

  3. How often should I use this cream?
  4. This cream is recommended to be used at night before sleep.

  5. Does this cream contain any harmful chemicals?
  6. No, this cream does not contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, or harmful chemicals.


Opti-Firm Renewal Complex is a highly effective night cream that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. It restores essential moisture, leaving the skin radiant, refreshed, and younger looking. With its all-natural, vegan ingredients and professional-grade formula, this cream is suitable for all skin types and provides spa-like results at home. Developed by renowned esthetician Lydia Sarfati, this cream is made in the USA and is free from harmful chemicals and animal testing. Experience the power of Retinol and achieve ageless looking skin with Opti-Firm Renewal Complex.