Meinl Cajon Rock/Pop – Box Drum for Beginners and Advanced Players

Meinl Cajon Rock/Pop – Box Drum for Beginners and Advanced Players

Meinl Cajon Rock/Pop – Box Drum for Beginners and Advanced Players

Meinl Cajon Rock/Pop – Box Drum for Beginners and Advanced Players


The Meinl Cajon Rock/Pop is a versatile box drum designed for both beginners and advanced players. With its unique features and high-quality construction, this cajon is perfect for home and outdoor use, as well as acoustic live music performances.

Main Features

  • Two playing zones for bass and snare sounds
  • Perfect for acoustic live music
  • Compact and portable design
  • Adjustable steel cajon strings for snare effect
  • 100% Baltic birch wood construction
  • Rear port for enhanced tone and microphone placement
  • Four rubber feet for stability and sound quality


The Meinl Cajon Rock/Pop features a wood playing surface with two zones for bass and snare sounds. By playing with your hands towards the center, you can produce deep bass tones. Striking near the top corners with your fingers creates crisp snare sounds. This versatility allows you to create drum set grooves using only your hands.

Designed for acoustic live music, the Meinl Cajon Rock/Pop is perfect for gigs and spontaneous jam sessions. It also works well with a microphone at larger events, ensuring that your performance is heard clearly.

Whether you’re at home or outdoors, this cajon is the perfect companion. Its compact size allows it to fit in any space, making it ideal for playing in the garden, by the sea, at the campfire, or even in the mountains. Wherever you go, the Meinl Cajon Rock/Pop delivers a balanced playing feeling.

The adjustable steel cajon strings provide a snare effect, delivering a crisp sound. The string tension is adjustable, allowing you to achieve tight or loose snare sounds. A hex wrench is included for easy adjustment.

Constructed with 100% Baltic birch wood, this cajon offers a natural finish playing surface that produces cutting slap tones, deep bass, and responds well to soft finger rolls and brush playing. Its full-size dimensions (11.5″ W x 12″ D x 18″ H) provide a comfortable playing experience.

To enhance the tone and allow for microphone placement, a sound port is cut into the back of the cajon. This allows air to escape as you play, resulting in a richer sound. It also serves as an ideal spot to place a microphone when amplification is needed.

The Meinl Cajon Rock/Pop is equipped with four rubber feet to keep the instrument stable during play. These feet not only protect the cajon but also eliminate unwanted vibrations and sound interference, ensuring crystal clear sound quality.

Experience the Meinl Cajon Rock/Pop and take your drumming to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, this box drum offers versatility, portability, and exceptional sound quality. Order yours today and start creating grooves with ease.