Detachable Table Legs – Innovative RV Accessories

Detachable Table Legs – Innovative RV Accessories

Detachable Table Legs – Innovative RV Accessories

Detachable Table Legs – Innovative RV Accessories


Are you tired of struggling with fixed table legs in your yacht, RV, or motorhome? Look no further! Introducing our revolutionary detachable table legs that offer 360-degree rotation and height adjustability. These durable and versatile table legs are the perfect addition to your recreational vehicle, providing convenience and comfort during your travels.

360 Degree Rotation

Our detachable table legs are designed with a unique 360-degree rotation feature. This allows you to easily adjust the table’s position according to your needs. Whether you want to enjoy a meal, work on your laptop, or play board games, these table legs provide the flexibility to rotate the table to any desired angle. No more awkward positioning or discomfort while using your table!

Height Adjustable

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to table heights. Our detachable table legs come with a height adjustable mechanism, allowing you to set the table at your preferred height. Whether you prefer a higher table for dining or a lower table for relaxation, these adjustable legs provide the perfect solution. Say goodbye to backaches and strained postures caused by tables that are too high or too low.

Durable and Sturdy

When it comes to RV accessories, durability is key. Our detachable table legs are made from high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance. These legs are designed to withstand the rigors of travel and provide stability to your table. You can trust that your table will remain steady even on uneven surfaces or during bumpy rides. Invest in these sturdy table legs and enjoy worry-free usage for years to come.

Easy Installation

Installing our detachable table legs is a breeze. With a simple and user-friendly design, you can easily attach and detach the legs whenever needed. The legs securely lock into place, providing a stable foundation for your table. No need for complicated tools or professional assistance. You can set up your table within minutes and start enjoying its benefits right away.


Upgrade your yacht, RV, or motorhome with our innovative detachable table legs. Experience the convenience of 360-degree rotation and height adjustability, allowing you to customize your table according to your preferences. These durable and easy-to-install table legs provide stability and versatility, enhancing your overall travel experience. Say goodbye to fixed table legs and hello to a new level of comfort and convenience!