DIGITUS Network Cabinet 10″ – 12U – Wall Mounting

DIGITUS Network Cabinet 10″ – 12U – Wall Mounting

DIGITUS Network Cabinet 10″ – 12U – Wall Mounting

DIGITUS Network Cabinet 10″ – 12U – Wall Mounting


The DIGITUS Network Cabinet 10″ – 12U – Wall Mounting is a compact and versatile solution for structured IT cabling in home or small office environments. With its robust steel construction and cable entry openings, it offers the best possibilities for tidy cable management.

Main Features

  • Compact dimensions
  • Full suitability for structured IT cabling
  • Lockable glass door for security
  • Optimal integration into house cabling
  • Mountable profile rails
  • Compatible with various IT components

Compact Dimensions

The small 10″ network wall-mounted enclosure stands out with its compact dimensions, making it ideal for environments where space is limited, such as home or small office setups. Despite its size, it offers ample space for all common EDP and telecommunication applications.

Security and Visibility

A lockable glass door ensures that your office or home network is protected from unauthorized access. At the same time, it allows for visual control of important network equipment such as the Internet router, NAS server, or network switch.

Optimal Integration

The DIGITUS Network Cabinet is designed for optimal integration into house cabling. With cable entries in the floor and roof, power and network cables can be conveniently fed into the mini-rack from both below and above. This ensures a clean and organized setup.

Mountable Profile Rails

The profile rails of the network cabinet can be mounted in two different positions, allowing for flexible installation of IT components. Additionally, the steel enclosure can be connected to the equipotential bonding of the house cabling via the earthing bolt, ensuring proper grounding.


The DIGITUS Network Cabinet is compatible with various IT components in the 10″ form factor (254 mm). This includes patch panels, LAN & PoE switches, power strips, cable management solutions, and shelves from DIGITUS. You can easily customize and expand your network setup according to your needs.

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