17×11 Hardboard Clipboard with 6″ Jumbo Board Clip

17×11 Hardboard Clipboard with 6″ Jumbo Board Clip

17×11 Hardboard Clipboard with 6″ Jumbo Board Clip

17×11 Hardboard Clipboard with 6″ Jumbo Board Clip

Welcome to the world of organization and efficiency with the 17×11 Hardboard Clipboard with 6″ Jumbo Board Clip. This versatile clipboard is designed to provide a sturdy and reliable writing surface, making it an essential tool for professionals, students, and anyone in need of a portable workspace.


Durable Construction

Our clipboard is made from high-quality hardboard material, ensuring its durability and long-lasting performance. It can withstand daily use and resist wear and tear, making it perfect for busy individuals.

Large Size

With its generous dimensions of 17×11 inches, this clipboard offers ample space for your documents, forms, and notes. Whether you’re working on a project or attending a meeting, you’ll have enough room to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

Jumbo Board Clip

The 6″ jumbo board clip securely holds your papers in place, preventing them from slipping or getting lost. It provides a strong grip, ensuring that your important documents stay intact even when you’re on the move.


Portable and Lightweight

Thanks to its lightweight design, this clipboard is easy to carry around. Whether you’re traveling, attending meetings, or working on the go, you can conveniently take it with you and have a reliable writing surface wherever you need it.

Versatile Use

Our clipboard is suitable for various applications. It’s ideal for professionals who need a portable workspace, students who want to stay organized, or anyone who requires a convenient writing surface. It can be used in offices, classrooms, job sites, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the clipboard suitable for both right-handed and left-handed individuals?

Yes, the clipboard can be comfortably used by both right-handed and left-handed individuals. Its design allows for easy access to the writing surface, regardless of your dominant hand.

2. Can the clipboard accommodate legal-sized documents?

No, the clipboard is specifically designed for 17×11 inch documents. It may not be suitable for legal-sized papers, which are typically longer in length.

3. Is the jumbo board clip removable?

No, the jumbo board clip is permanently attached to the clipboard. This ensures a secure grip and prevents the clip from getting lost or misplaced.

4. Can the clipboard be customized with logos or designs?

Yes, the hardboard surface of the clipboard provides a great canvas for customization. You can easily add your own logos, designs, or labels to personalize it according to your preferences.


The 17×11 Hardboard Clipboard with 6″ Jumbo Board Clip is a reliable and versatile tool that offers a durable writing surface for professionals, students, and individuals on the go. With its large size, sturdy clip, and portable design, it provides the perfect solution for staying organized and efficient. Get yours today and experience the convenience of this high-quality clipboard.